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Development of Angular 2 single page web app in a Micro Services Architecture

Developed an Angular 2 single page web application and a number of micro services. Written in Typescript using NodeJs (NPM), Gulp, Sass/Less and  Karma/Jasmine testing. Used Sublime Text 3 and MS VS Code editors and a Git repository:

– database REST service offering up JSON written in Python3 using Alembic and Sql Alchemy against a Postgres database running in separate Docker containers;
– Auth REST service offering up Java Web Token (JWT) that includes a number of claims and an Access Control List (ACL) as well as checking against Active Directory. Written in Python3 running in a Gunicorn Docker container hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet;
– configuration REST service written in Python3 using an ETCD cluster of Docker containers which defines the configuration settings for all running services in any environment;
– API abstraction service layer using Kong running in a Docker container.