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Business Analyst – Canada Customs (CCRA)

Produced the Software Architecture Document containing Activity diagrams and Business use cases of the overall process, Stakeholder requests from business clients, Use Case Model and Supplementary specifications.

Prepared technical requirements specifications as principal author for AMPS, EPPS, and G7.

Facilitated JRP and JAD sessions for gathering and confirming business and technical requirements.

Provided design documents to the interdepartmental working committee on data sharing, between CCRA and Immigration.

Carried out the elaboration phase for the redesign of the AMPS monetary penalty system using Rational`s Unified Process (UML, RUP) and the Rational Suite. Elaborated the use cases using interaction diagrams, activity and state transition diagrams to define the class analysis model. Developed the class design model for web-based software architecture on a Weblogic platform.

Provided UML and Rational mentoring support to members of the build teams and carried out design reviews of their detail design documentation.

Developed and presented the conceptual design to the management committee for project initiation approval.

Participated in the preparation of technical requirements for a RFP for sourcing a vendor to provide digital biometrics and integration site services.