Development of Angular 2 single page web app in a Micro Services Architecture

Developed an Angular 2 single page web application and a number of micro services. Written in Typescript using NodeJs (NPM), Gulp, Sass/Less and  Karma/Jasmine testing. Used Sublime Text 3 and MS VS Code editors and a Git repository:

– database REST service offering up JSON written in Python3 using Alembic and Sql Alchemy against a Postgres database running in separate Docker containers;
– Auth REST service offering up Java Web Token (JWT) that includes a number of claims and an Access Control List (ACL) as well as checking against Active Directory. Written in Python3 running in a Gunicorn Docker container hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet;
– configuration REST service written in Python3 using an ETCD cluster of Docker containers which defines the configuration settings for all running services in any environment;
– API abstraction service layer using Kong running in a Docker container.

Provided technical support for a busy organizations’ three websites

Providing on-call technical support for the organization’s three websites. Made a number of improvements to the server configuration to improve site performance 10 fold and prevented site lockups during peak busy periods. Optimized queries to achieve overall site response to the user’s browser in under 2 seconds. Added Social media links. Setup proper site backup and secondary site for standby. Ongoing and numerous site improvements and fixes to problems and issues that occur as well as planning and executing periodic site upgrades as new vendor components are released.

Designed and developed a number of commercial websites

Designed and developed a number of commercial websites, some in Dot Net but predominately in WordPress because of the speed of development and ease of customization that it offers. Many of the sites include product catalogs and payment gateways, and two-way links to popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Provide training and support to enable customer to load and maintain their data. Provide tools and training and ongoing support in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help them score high on search results. Developed a number of specialized themes and plugins.

Continuing to providing hosting, health monitoring, traffic analytics and ongoing technical support and maintenance services for each of the sites.

Provided technical support for back-end servers

Providing on-call technical support and routine maintenance and for their server environment. Acting in a DBA role for their Sql Server and providing support for the development team by redesigning quires and stored procedures for performance improvements. Redesigned data import stored procedures and reduced processing time from 48 hours to 14 minutes.

  • Investigated and developed key performance improvements.
  • Carried out a capacity planning analysis and recommendation for site upgrades.
  • Defined DBA role.
  • Developed a work plan and instructions for database versioning by the development team.
  • Constructed a number of DBA scripts to maintain database performance.
  • Investigated and made recommendations for re-architecting their main product into separate customer databases.
  • Defined a Server Upgrade Proposal and carried out the installation
  • Defined and carried out the migration of their product to Sql Server 2012
  • Redefined database architecture to separate customer data into separate databases.
  • Defined a Backup Strategy that included offsite to Amazon Glacier Storage.
  • Defined a process for database versioning, source control and automated builds and developed working procedures for development team.

Developed a Social Media Website

Developed a major social network website to allow members to interact with each other based on activities that they can enjoy together. Also constructed server-side processes to search the internet and build a database of websites about activities and events. Developed screen scraper tools to extract event based information from the websites. Developed services to interact with Google, Facebook and Twitter. Developed an IPhone application to synchronize a personal calendar.

Provided Strategic Planning for Elections Automation

Provided start up assistance to the Director of Information Technology Directorate, for managing systems projects. Facilitated Strategic Planning Sessions to examine client needs, strategic goals, organizational structure, and roles and responsibilities.  Produced a report on preparing the information systems for the next general election. Carried out Business Process Modeling of elections financing.

Chief, Systems Development – Elections Canada

Mr. Farmer was acting Chief, Systems Development and project director for the development of 34 microcomputer and VAX-based systems for the National Referendum and the 1993 General Election, and 1994 by-elections. He raised funding through the Sr. Executive Committee, managed a team of project managers, analysts and programmers. He also supervised the installation, operation and maintenance of the systems during the two electoral events.

Defined Requirements for CANPASS Border Crossing System

Documented user requirements from interviews with business clients and regional representatives from Customs ports. Designed a Powerbuilder 5 client-server system for the CANPASS border crossing program for RCCE/Customs. The system included biometric components such as fingerprint and hand-geometry templates; data replication between distributed databases. Designed the interface to request data from the CPIC, PIRS, and NCIC databases for security clearance of applicants and travelers.

Programmed a PowerBuilder/MS SQL Server component to print identification cards on Datacard Printer, and encrypt and encode information on optical stripe on card back.