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Provided technical support for back-end servers

Providing on-call technical support and routine maintenance and for their server environment. Acting in a DBA role for their Sql Server and providing support for the development team by redesigning quires and stored procedures for performance improvements. Redesigned data import stored procedures and reduced processing time from 48 hours to 14 minutes.

  • Investigated and developed key performance improvements.
  • Carried out a capacity planning analysis and recommendation for site upgrades.
  • Defined DBA role.
  • Developed a work plan and instructions for database versioning by the development team.
  • Constructed a number of DBA scripts to maintain database performance.
  • Investigated and made recommendations for re-architecting their main product into separate customer databases.
  • Defined a Server Upgrade Proposal and carried out the installation
  • Defined and carried out the migration of their product to Sql Server 2012
  • Redefined database architecture to separate¬†customer data into separate databases.
  • Defined a Backup Strategy that included offsite to Amazon Glacier Storage.
  • Defined a process for database versioning, source control and automated builds and developed working procedures for development team.

Developed a Social Media Website

Developed a major social network website to allow members to interact with each other based on activities that they can enjoy together. Also constructed server-side processes to search the internet and build a database of websites about activities and events. Developed screen scraper tools to extract event based information from the websites. Developed services to interact with Google, Facebook and Twitter. Developed an IPhone application to synchronize a personal calendar.

Developed a Voter Registration System for the Island of Jamaica

Led a team of analysts and programmers through the development of a large-scale voter registration system for the Government of Jamaica. The system captures voter information from scanned forms and over-the-counter services and produces Voter Identification Cards and official voters lists. The capture, processing and storage of digital biometrics such as scanned 10-print rolled fingerprints, livescan fingerprint comparison, photographs, and signatures were a particular challenge of this project.

Responsible for all database development in Sybase System 11 which included about 300Gb of data, 600 stored procedures, and the construction of a proprietary replication engine that installs as an NT service and uses a large modem-pool to maintain synchronization between the central site database and 65 remote databases scattered throughout the country. The team also constructed a 60-screen, PowerBuilder program that managed the registration process, and maintained voter data.

Defined Use Case models, Interaction diagrams and object analysis models in Rational Rose. Documented requirements from interviewing business clients. Maintained compliance with contractual requirements in Requisite Pro. Defined logical and physical model in ER-Win. Defined test plans in SQA Teamtest. Constructed stored procedures, and built a stored procedure generator to feed replication service.

Investigated production problems resulting from mistakes made by the prime contractor and prepared a briefing to executives. Maintained software problem tracking.

Constructed load and stress testing tools in stored procedures and DOS, to test critical components of the system such as database replication, and transaction processing. Constructed database administrator utilities in C++, DOS batch, and in stored procedures and using Sybase’s Bulk Copy (BCP) and ISQL utilities to automate the setup and upgrade of production databases and migration of system objects from integration test database. Found a means to encrypt stored procedures. Carried out performance tuning, by analyzing show plans and optimizing stored procedures.

Developed a Job Competition Website

Designed and developed a web-based HR Competition system as a pilot project for NDHQ. The system enabled applicants to register themselves for competitions that were posted and to take a series of pre-screening tests to qualify for the inventory pool. The tests were a combination of multiple choice, true or false and essay questions. Applicants were provided with their scores at the end of each test. The system was designed from UML use cases and programmed in ASP (VBScript/JavaScript/HTML) against a SQL Server 2000 database, and conformed to government online (GOL) standards.

Redesigned and Migrated an eCommerce Website

Backend developer on a project to redesign and migrate a large-scale (5 million user) commercial E-commerce website to the Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 platform for Brown Shoes ( Constructed enormous set of database migration stored procedures. Rewrote Web Service stored procedures to improve query and update processing.

Provided Technical Support and Upgrades to NPAO website

Provided technical support while the organization was recruiting for a full time support resource. Moved poor performing site to a new hosting service provider. Added widgets to provide new functionality. Added capabilities to interact with major social media sites. Setup and tested a backup service. Responded to numerous requests for site enhancements.