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Developed a Social Media Website

Developed a major social network website to allow members to interact with each other based on activities that they can enjoy together. Also constructed server-side processes to search the internet and build a database of websites about activities and events. Developed screen scraper tools to extract event based information from the websites. Developed services to interact with Google, Facebook and Twitter. Developed an IPhone application to synchronize a personal calendar.

Software Architect for several Border Crossing Systems

Software architect for the Integrated Customs Systems (ICS), assisted in the definition of user requirements and was responsible for the conceptual design and Software Architecture Documents of the Expedited Passenger Processing System (EPPS) and the joint Canada-US Nexus (highway) border crossing programs for travellers.

  • Provided UML and Rational mentoring support to members of the build teams and carried out design reviews of their detail design documentation.
  • Prepared technical requirements specifications as principal author for EPPS, Nexus and Global Enrolment Business Use Cases and Conceptual Design Documents.
  • Facilitated JRP and JAD sessions for gathering and confirming business and technical requirements.
  • Participated in the preparation of technical requirements for RFP for sourcing vendor to provide digital biometrics and integration site services.